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Damon Adcock

Damon Adcock

Chief Culture Officer

Driven by a desire to inspire and develop others, Damon Adcock has spent his 28 career years by leading one of the most complex organizations on the planet...the local church. Damon believes a good leader is a both a student and a teacher of leadership principles. This humility posture of leadership has helped him to build healthy organizations for success. He defines this success as developing a clear culture mission and purpose with top-down penetrance and the absence of mission drift.  Business culture is defined in a company's strategy, execution, operations and performance. Creating this culture is a differentiating factor, and will set us apart.
As the new COO of Pyle Financial Services, Damon will leverage his gifting and expertise for developing systems through economies of scale to increase efficiencies, innovation, and impact. He will implement strategies for team building and growth that will continue to capture the essence of Pyle Financial Services: Aligning Clients Wealth With Their Purpose.
Damon has been married to Deborah for 27 years, and they share 4 fantastic children, a son- in-love, and finally, two dogs that greet him as the man he strives to become. His passion is music and he is a gifted singer-songwriter.